Logged-On Library: ReferenceUSA

While the Rochelle Park Library is closed for our remodel, we will be sharing some tips and tricks to accessing the digital services available to you thanks to your BCCLS library card.

To get started with ReferenceUSA, a business database meant to meet all of your market research needs, you’ll want to go to the Rochelle Park Library website, open the “Services” tab, and select “Research Assistance.”


The “Research Assistance” page is where you can find any of the online resources made available to you through JerseyClicks, a service offered by the New Jersey State Library to help library patrons access a variety of online materials.

To open ReferenceUSA, scroll down and click on the ReferenceUSA link in the list of JerseyClicks resources.


When prompted, read and agree to the ReferenceUSA Terms & Conditions, then “Allow” ReferenceUSA access to your location. Then, when prompted, enter your library card number.


Once you are logged in, you can search in any one of the ten databases available through ReferenceUSA! Your searches can be basic or, if you select “Advanced Search” you can select more specific parameters.


Once you enter the “Advanced Search” page, you can use various specific details to narrow down your search.

Every time you add a new parameter, you can click “Update Count” to see how many results you have so far.

You can also select “View Results” at any time to see each entry individually.


One exciting option is the “Map Based Search,” where you can use various tools to limit your search to outlined areas on a map.

This search, for example, is for a woman-owned retail business that has a web address and is located within two miles of Rochelle Park.


Once you have made a search, you can select up to 25 results to download or print per search. You can also choose the “Save Search” option and create an account to access your search later.

To create your account, follow the prompts on your screen which will appear after you’ve selected “Save Search.”

After you’ve created your account, you can log in to save your search results and access them later.

[Login page/save search]


When you log in to ReferenceUSA, your search options will look slightly different because of the simplified interface ReferenceUSA offers to account holders.

With any further questions please feel free to Contact Us or check out the “FAQ” page linked in the top right corner of the ReferenceUSA homepage.

For more information about our remodel, check back here or take a look at our Facebook and Instagram accounts.